The idea of alimony, or “spousal support,” as it is known in Arizona, has been around for a long time. In fact, it dates all the way back to at least 1780 BCE and the Babylonian Code of Hammurabi and also appeared in the Code of Justinian – which would later become the foundation for Roman law! Over time, these ideas evolved and filtered into our modern systems of law.

In the United States, the concept of alimony has seen a few changes in recent years. Prior to the 1970’s, the man usually paid long-term alimony payments to the woman after a divorce. These payments generally continued until the woman remarried or passed away. 

As women became less and less dependent on men for economic support in the 60’s and 70’s, alimony or spousal support evolved into a more temporary situation and sometimes included payments for job training or education. 

These days, alimony or spousal support is viewed as a relatively short-term financial obligation, and it may be ordered for the husband or the wife in the divorce. The courts look at the earning ability and financial situation of both spouses and use many factors when deciding who pays support payments to whom and for how long. 

Although these many changes in how alimony or spousal support is ordered have brought us to a place where the orders are based more on earning power than on gender, it can still be quite confusing. If you are going through a divorce in Phoenix and need advice, speak with a caring and experienced Phoenix divorce lawyer at 1-888-929-5292. The Phoenix family law attorneys with Curry, Pearson & Wooten offer a completely free, no-pressure consultation to discuss your situation and answer your questions.

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