Tempe aviation law expert Mike Pearson was recently featured on FOX Business News and discussed the looming shortage of air traffic controllers as the FAA attempts to fill positions. Mike Pearson has 27 years of experience as an air traffic controller, law professor, and active trial lawyer, and he reminds us that this is not the first time we've seen a shortage of air traffic controllers. Pearson cites the aftermath of the 1981 air traffic controller strike as an example, and he believes that the concern about these empty positions might be a bit uncalled for at this point.

One major concern has been that many of the air traffic controller slots have opened as older and more experienced air traffic controllers have retired. Some are worried that the growing number of younger and less experienced workers in the industry could cause problems as they learn on their feet. However, Pearson said that most of the air traffic controllers hired after the 1981 strike had very little experience to begin with and, of course, many of those workers now make up the highly experienced group that has reached retirement age. Ultimately, the new air traffic controllers filling the empty seats will gain the same experience and skill over time—and always under a watchful eye.

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