Mediation is pretty new to the Arizona divorce arena. Up until recent years, most spouses and even lawyers felt that the best—if only—way to settle a divorce was through litigation and the court system.


Divorce has evolved over time, however, to encompass more than just the angry couples who want out. Divorce is as complicated and unique as each relationship it comes in contact with. Some couples have drifted apart, others have irreconcilable differences, and still others were just never ready for marriage to begin with. As the divorce landscape changed to accept divorce as a “norm,” so, too, did the legal method of ending marriages.


Enter mediation: a way for a couple divorcing on good terms to end things and divide assets in a neat, inexpensive manner. Some people had a difficult time understanding this new method. Does this mean that one person has to give up what they truly want out of the divorce? Do both couples end up “losing” in an effort to remain amicable?


The interesting part about mediation is that despite the lack of legal positioning and arguing, it takes a lot of strength to be able to face your spouse honestly and discuss what you each desire out of your divorce. It takes character to take your divorce into your own hands rather than leave it in the hands of judges and attorneys. By facing each other openly and working to achieve a successful divorce together, you often end up happier than if you fought tooth and nail.


Mediation is not for every couple, or for every lawyer. If you are considering an Arizona divorce mediation, contact our experienced Phoenix family law attorneys at Curry, Pearson & Wooten to discuss if this method is right for your situation. Call us at 888-929-5292 for a complimentary consultation, and find out if mediation can work for you and your spouse.

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