If you are getting divorced in Arizona, you may have already heard us warn you about how you use text messaging or social media to communicate about your divorce. As cellphones – particularly smartphones – gain in popularity, you may need to be extra cautious during your divorce. Our Chandler family law attorneys have noticed a disturbing trend in recent divorce cases: evidence that has come from spy software installed on a spouse’s cellphone. Although information obtained in this way is rarely permissible in court, it is an invasion of your privacy and could complicate your case. 

What Do Cellphone Spy Apps Track?

There are a few apps available that can be installed on a cellphone, and each of them is nearly undetectable to the person using the phone. These apps can track information such as:

  • Text messages
  • Email
  • Videos
  • Contacts and call history
  • Pictures
  • Recordings of phone conversations
  • GPS tracking

What Should I Do if I Suspect a Spy App Has Been Installed on My Phone?

If you suspect you may have a spy app installed on your phone, speak with your cellphone service provider as soon as possible to have it removed or your phone’s OS reinstalled. Always be careful about where you leave your phone and who you allow to use it. If you have questions about cellphone usage during an Arizona divorce, give one of our Chandler divorce lawyers at call today at 1-888-929-5292.

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Indeed, cell phones are important pieces of our lives these days. The thought of being able to see what someone’s saying, doing, taking pictures of, and texting on their cell phone, without them knowing (of course), feels powerful.
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