Advice for Fathers Seeking Child Custody in Arizona

While courts cannot discriminate against fathers when it comes to matters of child custody, it can often be an uphill battle for dads that seek full or joint custody of their child or children. This can be a very difficult time for fathers as they adjust to live without their spouse and face the possibility of losing an important place in their children’s lives.

With the amount of stress and worry that often accompanies divorce, it can be easy to let what seems to be “the small stuff” slide. You may be overwhelmed with the legal proceedings and paperwork, but it is very important to keep your priorities in line with achieving an agreeable custody agreement. As your divorce progresses, keeping the following at the top of your “to-do” list can help ensure that your bid for custody is as successful as possible:

  • Make your child support payments regularly, on time, and in full. Whether your child support is court-ordered or an informal courtesy, make sure that there are records of each payment made.
  • Stay involved in your child’s life. From phone calls to soccer games, remaining an active part of your child’s life is important not only for issues of custody, but also for maintaining a close relationship with your child during a tough situation like a divorce.
  • Make sure that your new life has room for your child. From making time after work to have dinner with your child to moving into a home with space for your child to live comfortably, it is important that the new life you are building can accommodate your child comfortably in every sense.

While there are many ways to prepare for a custody hearing, fostering a relationship with your child is the most important thing to focus on. For the legal details, our family law attorneys can help—simply fill out our online contact form, or call our Phoenix office today.

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