Fighting Styles May Predict an Arizona Divorce

Every year, countless couples make the difficult decision to divorce. The reasons for divorce are limitless, which include fighting. A recent University of Michigan study shows how fighting styles and dealing with conflict can impact a marriage.

When one spouse deals with conflict constructively
Though one spouse may deal with conflict in a constructive way by calmly discussing the situation, listening to his or her partner's opinions, or trying to determine how the partner is feeling, the other spouse may withdraw. This can have a damaging effect on a marriage.

According to a Journal of Marriage and Family issue (October 2010), "Spouses who deal with conflicts constructively may view their partner's habit of withdrawing as a lack of investment in the relationship rather than an attempt to cool down."

When both spouses deal with conflict constructively
Research suggests that spouses who both engage in constructive strategies to deal with conflict have lower rates of divorce.

Not all divorces can be avoided, but there are conflict resolution strategies than can help strengthen and ultimately save your marriage.

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