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As Scottsdale family law attorneys, we are frequently asked about spousal support and maintenance in Arizona and how it is awarded. When deciding spousal support in Glendale, the Court will consider many factors, including:

  • The age of both you and your spouse 
  • Your spouse’s general earning capacity as compared to your earning capacity
  • Your spouse’s ability to support his or herself or find employment
  • Your ability to pay support to your spouse while supporting yourself
  • How long it will take your spouse to get the training required to find a job
  • Any financial resources your spouse may have
  • Any medical or emotional conditions that impact either spouse
  • If your spouse destroyed or concealed property, lied about any property, or made excessive purchases with joint accounts
  • How your spouse was employed during the marriage

Essentially, the court will attempt to award spousal support based on the ability of both you and your spouse to support yourselves during and after the divorce. 

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