As Phoenix criminal lawyers, we know that many of our clients are surprised to see “money laundering” charges added to the felony drug charges against them. If fact, many clients were not aware that what they were doing was, in fact, considered money laundering.

Here are some of the situations that may lead to additional money laundering charges in Arizona related to your felony drug case, whether or not you were aware at the time that you were “laundering” those funds:

  • Breaking up large cash deposits of proceeds from illegal drugs into smaller deposits so as not to raise suspicion.
  • Using illegal drug money to purchase cashier’s checks or money orders.
  • Transferring money from illegal drugs between several bank accounts.
  • Asking another person to deposit cash from illegal drug sales in Arizona to their own bank accounts.
  • Paying another person with proceeds from illegal drug activity.
  • Accepting payment with money you have reason to believe came from drug-related activity.

Arizona felony drug charges can be serious enough on their own, and the addition of money laundering charges can lead to a much more severe penalty if you are convicted.

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