The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act allows anyone to use medical marijuana without penalties, as long as the individual holds a valid medical marijuana card. However, there are many limitations in place, and it's important to understand the details if you have been prescribed marijuana for a debilitating medical condition.

If you have a valid Arizona medical marijuana card, you do have some additional protections aside from the criminal exemptions. For example:

  • A school or landlord can't refuse enrollment or leasing to you, unless failing to do so would cause the school or landlord to lose benefits under federal law.
  • An employer can't discriminate against you in hiring, terminating, or imposing employment conditions, unless failing to do so would cause the employer to lose benefits under federal law.
  • An employer can't penalize you for a positive drug test for marijuana, unless you used, possessed, or were impaired by marijuana on the employment premises or during hours of employment.

The Arizona Medical Marijuana Act does not allow you to possess and use marijuana without limitation. Under the act, you are not authorized to use marijuana if:

  • You are on a school bus, on the grounds of a school, or in prison;
  • You are in a public place, including public transportation;
  • It would constitute negligence or malpractice at your job;
  • You are operating a motor vehicle, aircraft, or motorboat.


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