Even after your Scottsdale divorce is final, there could still be some conflict regarding child support payments and parenting time. We recently talked about keeping a calendar and organized records regarding visitation after a Scottsdale divorce, and we'd like to follow up on that with help regarding the organization of your child support payments.

Whether you are paying or receiving child support in Arizona, it is important to keep your records straight. Even in low-conflict child support cases, keeping accurate records can save you both time and heartache. We recommend that you invest in an expanding file folder, so you always know where all of your documents are if you need them.

In this file, you should keep:
  • Any applicable court case numbers
  • Each child's full name, date of birth, place of birth, and Social Security number
  • The name and contact information for your Scottsdale divorce attorney
  • A copy of all documents sent by the court
  • A copy of all correspondences between you and your ex-spouse regarding child support payments
  • A copy of all checks, whether you are paying or receiving, including the amount and the date of the check

You also may be able to request a yearly report of child support payments if you contact your local clerk of the superior court. If you do receive this, be sure to keep it in your file with the rest of your documents.

If you need help with a Scottsdale child custody issue, contact a skilled and experienced Scottsdale divorce lawyer today at 1-888-929-5292. For more information, please see our FREE book, Arizona Family Law: What You Must Know.
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