As Phoenix juvenile defense lawyers, we know that parents can have a tough time with their teens. Curfew laws assume that parents are responsible for knowing where their teens are and what they're up to at all times, but that can seem impossible as your teen attempts to push boundaries and rebel.

You may be tempted to just give up and let your teen deal with any Arizona juvenile criminal charges for curfew violations, but you may not know that you could be charged for the actions of your minor child as well. Although the teen may be charged for being out after certain hours, Phoenix curfew laws allow parents to be charged in some cases.

If you are the parent of a teenager, here are some helpful tips for handling the curfew discussion and avoiding violations:
  • Talk to your teen about the curfew laws and your expectations.
  • Set curfews based on your teen's age, Phoenix laws, and how much sleep is needed.
  • Always know where your teen is going and who will be there.
  • Set clear rules about calling in and checking in.
  • Be consistent in enforcing rules and the associated consequences.
  • Make plans to allow for special occasions and events.

If your teen has been charged with a curfew violation in Phoenix, give our Arizona criminal defense lawyers a call at 1-888-929-5292 with any questions you may have. You also can request a copy of our helpful book, Arizona Criminal Law - What You Must Know.
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