Although most US states have enacted no-fault divorce laws at this point in time, there are many people out there who disagree with the idea and believe that no-fault laws are actually harmful. It's not an easy issue, and both sides have made compelling arguments for and against Arizona no-fault divorce.

The Argument against Arizona No-Fault Divorce

Many people who are against no-fault divorce believe that the law makes it too easy to get divorced and devalues the promises inherent in marriage vows. It does not give the other spouse a choice - or a chance to save the marriage - but that person may still be left with a much lower standard of living, even though he or she did nothing wrong.

The Argument for Arizona No-Fault Divorce

For those who support no-fault laws, there is a belief that these laws reduce the strain on Arizona family courts and shorten the divorce process, which reduces the emotional toll on both children and parents. No-fault laws also make it easier for people to leave abusive marriages, and supporters point out that financial decisions are made based on need and ability rather than fault.

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