For most, the possibility of an Arizona divorce can prove to be stressful. There are many considerations to make and many questions to ask. However, when children are involved, the situation is often intensified.

Questions of custody are often raised in divorces involving children. It is important to understand that each Arizona divorce is unique and that there are several types of custody scenarios.

What is sole custody?
Sole custody, or legal custody, is when one person has complete custody of a child and is responsible for making the significant decisions concerning that child's welfare.

What is joint custody?
Joint custody refers to joint legal custody, joint physical custody, or both.

Joint legal custody
Joint legal custody occurs when the court grants each of the parents the same rights to make decisions. Neither parent's rights are superior to the others.

Joint physical custody
This is when the child's place of residence is shared between both parents. Generally, the child will have equal time with both parents.

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