The consequences of annulment in Arizona are very different from the consequences of divorce. Because an annulment essentially makes it as though the marriage never existed, you are not afforded the same rights after the legal process as someone who has gone through a divorce in Arizona.

After an annulment, be aware that:
  • You will not have marital property rights: Your former spouse does not need your consent to sell or lease any house or property for which you're not the legal owner.
  • You will not have succession rights: If your former spouse dies, you have no claim to the estate.
  • You will not receive spousal support: Although child support may be ordered in an annulment, no financial support will be ordered for a former spouse.
  • You might not have guardian rights as a father: You will only be given guardian rights if you can prove that you believed the marriage was valid and the child was born within ten months of the annulment.

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