If you and your spouse have decided to divorce, Arizona divorce mediation may be an option for you. Mediation allows both of you to sit down with a neutral third party, who will oversee your negotiations and help you work through issues to reach an agreement together. Mediation works best in situations in which you and your spouse are able to get along and communicate effectively without anger getting in the way.

So what should you expect during Arizona divorce mediation? Here are the general steps in the process:
  1. Schedule a free, no-pressure consultation with a qualified Maricopa County divorce lawyer. This will allow you to ask questions, review your options, and potentially schedule the mediation.
  2. Gather the necessary information. Before the mediation, it is best if you gather information about debt, assets, and property and review the documentation regarding the mediation itself.
  3. Attend the mediation meeting(s). The mediation may span several sessions or be completed during the first meeting. At each session, you and your spouse will work through issues, such as custody, and come to an agreement.
  4. Sign the mediation agreement. Once you both have agreed on the terms, everything will be written up for both of you to sign. The mediation agreement is binding when you both have signed it.
  5. Submit paperwork to the court. After mediation, there will be several rounds of signed paperwork that must be submitted to and approved by the court before the divorce is final.

If you have questions about Arizona divorce mediation, contact one of our experienced Phoenix divorce lawyers today at 1-888-929-5292 for a completely free and confidential legal consultation.
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