If you are being investigated by Child Protective Services (CPS) in Arizona, it can be a very emotional and confusing time. It's important to keep in mind that CPS is attempting to keep your child safe from abuse and neglect, and that they must follow certain policies when they receive a report. CPS can remove your child from your home if they have probable cause to believe that the child is or will be abused or neglected, or if the child will be subjected to "imminent harm." An imminent harm situation might include the following:

  • A child is home without a parent or caregiver and cannot care for himself. 
  • There is probable cause to believe the child was sexually abused.
  • The child is suffering from serious nutritional deprivation.
  • The child has any injuries that require emergency medical attention.
  • A caregiver is suffering from physical or psychological issues that mean he or she is unable to care for the child. 
  • The home environment in some way endangers the child. 
  • The child shows signs of emotional trauma and is not in treatment.

CPS may be able to offer some alternatives to removal from the home, depending on if they believe these alternative measures will protect the child. If you’d like more information on alternative measures, speak with your case manager or Scottsdale family law attorney.

Removal from the home and child dependency in Arizona can be very emotional and complicated. We are experienced Phoenix family lawyers who can help answer your questions and explain what you need to do to get your child back in the home. Give us a call at 1-888-929-5292 today to schedule a completely FREE legal consultation, and also request our FREE book, Arizona Family Law – How to Handle Tough Issues in Tough Times.

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