I was arrested for a DUI in Tempe last weekend after I’d had just one drink. How is that possible?

As Tempe DUI lawyers, we can tell you that it comes as a surprise to many people that you can be arrested for a DUI in Tempe after just a drink or two. Even if you do not feel drunk or impaired, your blood alcohol content could be over the legal limit of .08 (or .04 for commercial drivers). And, even if you’re not over the legal limit, your ability to drive could be impaired.

How Can I Be “Drunk” After One Drink?
How alcohol affects you depends on many different factors. If you do not drink very often, have a low body weight, haven’t eaten recently, suffer from certain medical conditions, or take any over-the-counter or prescription medications, then one drink may be enough to impair your vision, hearing, coordination, and judgment on the road. Sometimes, too, drinks have been mixed very strong or the alcohol content is higher than you expect, which can mean that your blood alcohol content is higher than you might assume.

What Can I Do if I’ve Been Arrested for a Tempe DUI After One Drink?
If you were arrested for drunk driving in Tempe and don’t believe you were over the legal limit, speak with an experienced Tempe DUI lawyer as soon as possible about your case. Field sobriety tests and breathalyzers can be notoriously inaccurate or misread, and you will need the help of an expert to find out what went wrong in your situation. Give us a call today at 1-888-929-5292 for a free case evaluation. We would also like to send you a copy of our complimentary book DUIs in Arizona – What You Must Know.