I was arrested for drunk driving in Tempe, and my blood test results showed that I was over the legal limit. Should I request a civil hearing?

How you proceed after receiving your blood test results depends on your DUI history and the circumstances of your case. Before you make any decisions, it would be extremely wise to contact an experienced Tempe DUI lawyer who can explain your rights and options.

As a general guideline, however, choosing a civil hearing in your Arizona DUI case may be the best plan. Requesting a civil hearing will often delay your license suspension, and may eventually mean the suspension is voided. Additionally, it will allow you to look at the case against you and possibly get statements under oath that could be helpful to your case.

If you do choose a hearing, it is important to note that very few Arizona DUI cases are ever dismissed. The real advantage to a civil hearing is that it can give you time to prepare for the license suspension. If it would be better for you to serve the license suspension as soon as possible, then you may want to skip the civil hearing.

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