I was convicted of a DUI in Tempe. Is there any way to have it removed from my record?

In Arizona, it is possible to have a judgment “set aside,” which is similar to having your record expunged. In order to do this, you must have completed your entire sentence and been dismissed by the Court. This includes the completion of any treatment or rehabilitation programs and probation time. 

Your ability to have a judgment set aside in Arizona depends very much on your previous criminal history, any additional complicating factors in your Tempe DUI arrest, and your ability to convince the judge that the ruling should be set aside. An experienced Tempe DUI lawyer can help you decide if pursuing a “set aside” for your DUI conviction is a good option for you and help you work toward building a strong case to persuade the judge. 

It’s important to remember that, even if your DUI conviction is set aside, you will still be responsible for any penalties from the Department of Motor Vehicles, which will stay on your record. This includes the revocation or suspension of your license, ignition interlock devices, and any points on your license. 

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