Is it true that my Facebook posts could be used against me during my Phoenix divorce?

Yes. This is absolutely true, and it's been an increasing issue in many Phoenix child custody and divorce cases. Although it doesn't seem like a few "harmless" posts about what's happening in divorce court or how evil your soon-to-be ex is could be a problem, you might be surprised exactly how much of an effect it can have on your Arizona divorce case. 

As Phoenix family law attorneys, we urge our clients to be extremely careful with the information posted on social media sites - even if you've carefully changed your privacy settings or blocked your ex. Because social media sites function by bringing people together to share information, there is always a risk that a friend might mention something publicly that you intended to keep private, you're tagged in a photograph that could be misconstrued, or your information otherwise gets out and ends up in court as evidence against you. 

If you feel that you must continue to use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter during your divorce proceedings in Arizona, it is of utmost importance that your treat every single post, comment, Tweet, or otherwise as completely public knowledge, and censor yourself accordingly. Evidence from social media sites like Facebook can have a serious impact on how your divorce or child custody case turns out, and even a few stray posts could be built into a convincing case against you. 

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