I've heard that Arizona is a "no-fault" state. What does that mean, and how does it apply to my own divorce in Scottsdale?

In Arizona, a "no-fault" divorce simply means that you don't have to prove that a spouse did something wrong in order to pursue a divorce. Instead, your divorce will probably be based on "irreconcilable differences" or the general breakdown of the marriage. An Arizona no-fault divorce may also apply if you have been separated from your spouse for 18 months or more.

In a no-fault divorce, decisions are made as though the reason for the divorce is irrelevant. It is important to note, however, that fault or wrongdoing may still be taken into consideration when decisions are made regarding spousal support or property division, especially if one spouse engaged in financial misconduct leading to the divorce. Fault could potentially impact other elements of the divorce, as well. For example, if you divorced your spouse because he or she was abusive, it could impact the court's decisions about parenting time and custody.

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