My boyfriend has been arrested on drug charges in Phoenix. How am I supposed to pay for bail?

If your boyfriend has been arrested on drug charges in Phoenix, the first step is to determine if posting bail is an option or not. In some cases, bail cannot be posted or comes with some restrictions on how it can be paid.

If you are able to post bail for your loved one, you generally have the option of a cash deposit or a bail bond. The bail bond, handled through a bail bondsman, allows you to pay a percentage of the total bail. The company the bail bondsman works with will then work with the court to provide what is needed. When your boyfriend shows up to his court appearance, the company will be off the hook for the amount of the bail. 

However, realize that the company is stuck paying the full amount of the bail if he fails to attend his court appearance. The bail bondsman or a bounty hunter/bail recovery agent can and will come after your boyfriend in this case and bring him in.

You should also be aware that there are a lot of shady or downright illegal bail agents out there. Be very careful when selecting a bail bondsman, and realize that it is illegal for a bail bondsman to solicit business in or around a jail or courthouse. If you need help finding a reputable and reliable bail agent, a Phoenix criminal attorney with Curry, Pearson & Wooten would be happy to refer you to someone. 

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