My wife and I are divorcing on good terms, so we would like to avoid litigation and are considering pursuing divorce mediation in Scottsdale. Are there any cost or time benefits associated with this method?

Today, more and more married couples are deciding to separate in an amicable manner, and are looking for a way to proceed with divorce in a manner that does not pit each spouse against each other in traditional litigation.


Mediation is not for every couple, but if you have both decided that you would like to remain on good terms and have a clear-cut idea of how you want to divide your assets, property, or parenting duties, it may be a good choice for you.


The good news with mediation is that it generally costs far less than carrying out a divorce in the Arizona court system. When a couple commits to mediation as a way of ending their union, they are generally in agreement on most key issues in their divorce, and simply need a medium to discuss their wishes in a legal setting.


This also means that the process is much quicker, as couples do not need more time to argue over details of how to proceed. In legal settings, time is money, so mediation is often a win-win for spouses who simply wish to end things in a clean, friendly manner and move forward.


Choosing an experienced Arizona divorce mediator will help ensure that your experience is as fast and cost-effective as possible. A professional that is well-versed in mediation will be able to meet both your needs and the needs of your spouse in an efficient, painless manner. If you are seeking a skilled mediator, contact our Scottsdale family law attorneys at Curry, Pearson & Wooten, PLC today. Call 888-929-5292 or 602-258-1000 for a free consultation now.