What is the difference between joint custody and sole custody in Glendale?

When people refer to sole custody or joint custody, they are generally referring to legal custody as opposed to physical custody. While physical custody means that the child lives with the custodial parent, legal custody in Arizona means that custodial parents are responsible for making major decisions about the child's life. This decisions fall generally into 3 main categories: health decisions, education decisions, and religious decisions.

If a parent has sole legal custody (sometimes referred to as "full legal custody"), then that parent will be responsible for making any decisions about the child's healthcare, schooling, and religious practices, and the non-custodial parent's wishes are generally excluded in these decisions. However, the Arizona court system tends to favor joint legal custody after a Glendale divorce, believing that children benefit the most from having the input of both parents. In joint legal custody, both parents will have the power to make major life decisions on behalf of the child.

Of course, there are always times when parents disagree about what is best for the child. In joint custody cases where there is a disagreement, both parents will go to mediation with the court to find a solution.

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