What’s the difference between community and separate property when you’re getting divorced in Arizona?

As a Phoenix divorce lawyer, I know how important it is to address dividing property during a divorce. If you’re getting divorced in Arizona, you’ve probably heard the terms “community” property or “separate” property thrown around. Arizona is what is known as a “community property” state, which essentially means that you and your spouse are each entitled to half of the income and assets accumulated during your marriage. Anything that was yours before the marriage generally remains yours if it was kept separate throughout the marriage. 

  • Community property includes income, real estate, vehicles, furnishings, etc. that you obtained during your marriage. 
  • Separate property includes any property that was inherited, you received as a gift, or that was yours before the marriage. 

Although it should be straightforward, it can get complicated when money or items fall into a “gray area” between community and separate property. This is usually referred to as “commingling,” and a good example of this might be a bank account that was yours before the marriage, but now contains income earned during the marriage. 

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