What should I do with our credit cards if I’m getting divorced in Arizona?

Responsibility for debt, including credit card debt, is divided in a divorce much like property. However, credit cards can represent some unique difficulties, especially if both spouses used the card or if you held a joint account. 

Because Arizona is a community property state, you can be held responsible for paying off credit card charges your spouse made during the marriage. This may even be the case if the credit card account was not in your name or was set up as a joint account. Because so much depends on your individual situation, you will need to work with your spouse and your Phoenix divorce lawyer to determine how that debt will be handled in your divorce. 

Keep in mind, however, that most credit card companies will continue to hold you responsible for any money owed on an account attached to your name. Even if the court has ordered that your spouse pay that portion of the debt, you could be subject to collection actions if your spouse fails to make those payments. 

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