Why is the insurance company so reluctant to accept my claim after my whiplash injury in Phoenix?

Whiplash is a tricky injury to deal with after a car accident, which is ironic since it is an extraordinarily common injury.  Typically caused by rapid acceleration and deceleration of your head when a car is impacted from the side or rear, most people walk away from an accident without even knowing that they are injured.

Here is where a whiplash injury gets complicated. Because it is not immediately apparent, many people go days or even weeks before the pain gets bad enough to seek help. As is the case with most injury claims, the more time that passes between an accident and a claim, the more suspicious the insurance company gets.

One would think that since insurance companies handle seemingly endless whiplash claims that it would be a fairly easy claim to make. The problem is that it is also one of the most common injuries cited in fraudulent claims. This, along with the standard lapse of time between the accident and the claim, can put insurers on edge when they get a claim for a whiplash injury.

This does not mean that you are out of luck should you have a whiplash injury. One of the best things to do is see a doctor as soon as you notice symptoms. This establishes a paper trail that links your injury to your accident, and it also puts you on the mend as soon as possible. When it comes to Arizona auto accident injuries, your health comes first, and being proactive about your claim is a close second.

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