Who gets the house in an Arizona divorce?

In Arizona, marital property is supposed to be divided as equally as possible between the two spouses. When it comes to “real property,” like a house, there are several options available depending on your specific situation. If you have any questions about how Arizona property division might work in your case, speak with an experienced Scottsdale divorce lawyer about your circumstances.

Here are some examples of how “real property” like the family home may be divided:

  • One spouse receives the house, and the other spouse receives other property of an approximately equal value.
  • The spouse with custody of the children keeps the house until the youngest child reaches college age.
  • The house is sold, and both spouses split the money it brings in.

Dividing property after an Arizona divorce – especially property like the family home – can be an extremely trying time. Speak with a caring Scottsdale divorce attorney for help navigating divorce proceedings, and make sure your interests are protected. Speak with us today at 1-888-929-5292 to schedule a free and confidential case evaluation.

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