Who needs to give consent in a Phoenix adoption?

Whether you are pursuing a Phoenix relative adoption or an Arizona adoption through an agency, certain parties must give consent before the adoption can proceed. While you should consult a Phoenix family law attorney for specific answers before pursuing an adoption, you should expect that you will need consent from the following individuals:
  • The birth mother: Unless the court has otherwise terminated parental rights, the birth mother must consent to the adoption.
  • The birth father: If the birth father was married to the birth mother, adopted the child, or otherwise established paternity, then he must give consent to the adoption.
  • The child: If the child is over 12 years of age, then he or she also must consent to the adoption.
  • A legal guardian: If the court has terminated parental rights, then consent must be given by the child's legal guardian.

Deciding to pursue an Arizona adoption is sometimes difficult, but many adoptive parents will agree that a successful adoption is worth the struggle. Let us help you when you decide to add to your family.

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