Why should my fianc and I consider a prenuptial agreement in Arizona?

Although many people feel that an Arizona prenuptial agreement is unromantic or expresses mistrust, nothing could be further from the truth. Deciding what will happen with your children, family home, and finances in the case of a divorce or sudden death is a part of planning for your future together. A Phoenix prenup means that you both have a chance to talk about the hard stuff while you're deeply in love and have a clear idea what you want out of the future.

It's never a bad idea to ensure your future or the futures of your children. In cases of divorce or the sudden death of a spouse, an Arizona marriage contract can ease the pain of the difficult time and offer some peace of mind. Especially for couples with high salaries, substantial assets, or children from another marriage, a prenuptial agreement is an important safeguard. It also shows that you both care what happens if the worst occurs.

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