Can I file for bankruptcy in Arizona without a lawyer?

To get straight to the point, yes—you can file for bankruptcy in Arizona without the help of an attorney. If you want the assurance that you will enjoy the maximum protection that bankruptcy offers, however, you may want to call in the professionals.

On the surface, it really does sound easy enough. File the paperwork, show up to your meeting of creditors, and voila—your debts are discharged. Once you get deeper into the bankruptcy process, you may find that there is a lot more to bankruptcy than many do-it-yourself sites let on.

Beyond the most basic “oops” like filing paperwork incorrectly, one of the biggest (and most financially devastating) mistakes that many solo-filers make is not maximizing their exemptions. This could mean the difference between keeping or losing your home, treasured family heirlooms, or car.

As you can imagine, creditors are not always overjoyed to hear that your debt to them will be discharged, so they may protest loudly—and legally—when they find out that you have filed for bankruptcy. If your attorney has been with your case from the start, he or she will know your case and your finances like the back of their own hand, and will be able to swiftly act to ensure that your bankruptcy case moves forward past adversary proceedings.

When you are moving forward with a major financial decision, let alone a major life decision, why leave anything to chance? An experienced lawyer can help you pave the way to financial independence from start to finish—call the Phoenix bankruptcy attorneys at Curry, Pearson & Wooten today at 602-258-1000 to learn how a lawyer can help you.