If I am ever involved in an accident on my bicycle, how will the insurance company handle it?

Accidents and near-misses involving bicycles in the Valley are becoming fairly common occurrences as more people turn to two-wheeled transportation to get them from place to place. Especially in cities like Tempe, which is home to tens of thousands of students, there has been a concerted effort to make the streets bike-friendly, which typically means adding bike lanes. While this has made biking more appealing to many, increased numbers of bicycles on the road has also led to more accidents.


After you are injured on a bicycle, the circumstances of your accident will determine how damages will be paid. One of the more common scenarios in a car/bike accident is that the driver of the car will be found primarily at fault. In this situation, just as in a car accident, the driver’s auto insurance should pay your medical bills and other damages.


In the matter of a hit-and-run or uninsured driver, your own auto insurance may cover your damages under its uninsured/underinsured coverage, even though you were not driving a vehicle at the time.


In an accident on your bicycle that was your own fault, your own injuries will need to be covered by your own health insurance. As far as damage to the other driver’s car, you will need to check your homeowner or renter’s insurance along with your auto insurance to see if there is coverage included for accidents you cause with your own property.


Bicycle accidents can be tricky as far as insurance goes, but unless you have waived your policy down to the bare minimum, there is likely a small amount set aside—albeit with a decent-sized deductible—to cover damages incurred in bicycle accidents in which you are at fault.


If you have been seriously hurt in an accident on your bicycle and another driver was to blame, you deserve compensation for your injuries. To ensure that you receive maximum compensation for your claim, contact the Phoenix personal injury attorneys at Curry, Pearson & Wooten today.