Surviving Supervised Visitation in Phoenix: A Phoenix Child Custody Lawyer Weighs In

If supervised visitation has been ordered in your Phoenix child custody case, it's probably not an ideal situation for you. You may be worried that your kids are not getting quality time with both parents, and you may be concerned that the additional stress on everyone involved is taking a toll.

Don't worry too much. Although supervised visitation may not be exactly what you wanted in your Phoenix child custody case, it can be beneficial for you, your former partner, and your children. Also, if it goes well, it could mean change down the road. For now, focus on the following positive aspects of Phoenix supervised visitation:

  • Non-custodial parent. When supervised visitation is ordered, it is often because you have been accused of abuse, neglect, or some other harmful activity. Having someone there with you and your kids means that you have a witness in the case of any new accusations.
  • Custodial parent. If there has been conflict in the divorce, or if you are intimidated by your former partner, supervised visitation means that you don't have to deal with him or her, and you know that your kids are safe. 
  • Kids. Supervised visitation is good for kids because it gives them a chance to build healthy relationships with both parents, and it can shield them from any conflict or fighting that may result when both parents have to interact.

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