Facing Drug Charges in Arizona? Know What You’re In For

Anytime you face criminal charges, it is terrifying, as your future becomes uncertain. Will you be incarcerated? If so, for how long? When you are accused of a drug-related crime in Arizona, you need to know what to expect and you need to ensure that your rights are protected.

The Various Types of Drug Offenses

There are numerous drug offenses outlined by the law, including the following:

  • Drug possession for personal use: If you are caught carrying marijuana, a narcotic or other illegal drug, you could be charged with drug possession for personal use.
  • Drug manufacturing: Cultivating marijuana or producing other drugs, such as methamphetamines, could lead to drug manufacturing charges.
  • Drug trafficking: Police have been aggressively going after suspected drug traffickers. If you are accused of drug trafficking, you need to understand that you are facing a serious charge.
  • Possession with the intent to sell or distribute: You don’t necessarily have to be carrying large quantities of drugs to be accused of possession with the intent to sell or distribute.

Penalties for Drug Offenses

The penalties for drug offenses in Arizona vary depending on the exact charge, the amount of drugs involved and the type of drugs in question. Also, the state will take into consideration whether the drugs were to be used for personal use or for sale.

If you are convicted of a drug crime, you could be looking at mandatory jail time. It is therefore imperative that a knowledgeable Phoenix criminal defense attorney represents you. You have too much riding on the outcome of your case to risk working with an inexperienced lawyer.

Hiring a Lawyer

Not every attorney has the appropriate resources and expertise to build a strong defense on your behalf. When determining which law firm to hire, you need to evaluate his or her track record, experience and reputation.

At the law firm of Curry, Pearson & Wooten, PLC, our Phoenix criminal lawyers are known for being attorneys “you can talk to.” Not only do we have a high success rate in criminal defense cases, we also go above and beyond for our clients. We make ourselves available to answer questions and explain the legal process.

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