Resources for Starting or Finding a Career after or during a Divorce

The onset of divorce invites change.  Although I have assisted many people with varying backgrounds and lifestyles, I am always asked about the inevitable change in household income.   While some see a divorce as an opportunity to change their income via a new career, others are stepping into the workforce for the first time.  Regardless of the situation, figuring out where to start is often the most stressful and overwhelming part of the process.  If you find yourself in this situation, you’ve come to the right place.  Below is a solid starting point for where to find resources on cover letters, resumes, and job interviews. 


Once you are prepared to submit a cover letter and resume, begin your job search with some of the employers below.  Most, if not all, of the listed employers are continuously hiring, offer full and part time positions, health benefits, professional development, and retirement.


Cover letter, resume, and job interview preparation:

  • While Monster and Indeed are helpful, do not forget about your local library.  The City of Phoenix Library provides several resources to help you create a resume, cover letter, or prepare for an interview


Job search:

  • Any local city or municipality: The job options are endless and they provide health insurance.  In addition, they provide onsite job training and, depending on the city, ongoing certification
  • Maricopa County: Similar to cities and municipalities, the County provides health insurance, retirement, and ongoing training and certification.
  • Arizona State University: An ever expanding University, Arizona State University offers many job opportunities along with benefits
  • Maricopa County Community Colleges: Maricopa County Community Colleges offers medical insurance, flexible time off, retirement, and professional development programs. 
  • Amazon: Amazon continues to expand in Arizona and is constantly looking for new employees with varying levels of experience.
  • State Farm: State Farm has an ever expanding presence in the Valley with its new campus in Tempe.