Scottsdale Divorce: How to Tell Your Children

Many couples who have been through it would agree: the hardest part of a Scottsdale divorce is telling the kids. Divorce is an emotionally complex process, especially if tempers flare and you and your partner have trouble getting along. A lot of parents dread telling their kids about their impending divorce, but it's just another necessary step in the Arizona divorce process. If you're worried about telling your kids about your Scottsdale divorce, here are some tips for talking with them:
  • Be certain: This may go without saying, but don't have the conversation with your kids until you are certain that you are getting divorced. Children want to know what will happen, and it's best to start the conversation once you have decided on a plan of action.
  • Tell them: It's tempting to put the conversation off, or avoid it altogether. However, waiting too long can be disastrous, and kids can feel when something is wrong with Mom and Dad. Don't let it come as a shock; be there for them through the entire process and help them transition.
  • No blame: You and your spouse need to work very carefully to restrain feelings of anger or blame when in front of the kids or explaining the divorce. Don't force your kids to take sides or be used as weapons.
  • Timing: Have the discussion when you, your spouse, and your kids all have enough time to talk and ask questions.

After the conversation and throughout the divorce process, it's so important that you continually assure your children that they are still loved and that you will remain in their lives. Divorce is never easy, but you can take steps to make it easier on the kids.

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