Will My Kids Be Safe in Arizona Foster Care?

If your children have been removed from the home in Scottsdale, we know it is a complex and trying time for you. And it's normal to worry about your children while you work out all of the legal and social issues to get them back home. You should realize, however, that the state of Arizona is focused on reuniting children with their parents, and foster parents are carefully screened before being licensed. To set your mind a little more at ease regarding your child’s safety in this difficult time, here are the requirements for a person to become a foster parent in Arizona:

  • The potential foster parent must be over the age of 21. 
  • If the applicant is married, the spouse is considered a co-applicant and has to meet all the same requirements.
  • All people living in the home must agree to the applicant becoming a foster parent. 
  • All people living in the home will have a background check and submit fingerprints. 
  • All people living in the home will need to have a doctor sign a Report of Health.
  • The potential foster parent must provide 5 references and prove they can meet income requirements.
  • The applicant has to complete a 10-week training program for foster parents. 
  • The potential foster parent needs to be certified and up to date in both CPR and first aid. 
  • The potential foster parent must pass a "home study" and inspection, which helps determine the safety and suitability of the home.
  • The potential foster parent has to provide all kinds of documentation, including everything from a driver's licenses and Social Security cards to dog licenses!

As you can see, the process for choosing foster parents in Arizona is fairly intensive. For the most part, even though it is a difficult time, you can rest easy, knowing that the foster parents have been screened and provided proof of identity to the state.

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