Take Two: Reopening Your Phoenix Bankruptcy Case

You have lived for years struggling to stretch each paycheck to its limit, and managed to stay afloat until something happened—maybe a birth, a death, or a divorce—that threw your finances for a loop. Despite your best efforts, you found yourself unable to make things work, and finally worked up the nerve to file for bankruptcy. You went through the entire process and most of your debts were discharged, but when the bankruptcy closed your case, you realized that you may have omitted some information—what can you do?

Honesty: Always the Best Policy

In a process as complex as bankruptcy, a simple omission or filing error can be easy to miss when you file, but could cost you big bucks in the end. Mistakes may even mean that your case is dismissed or closed because your trustee has not received the “big picture.” The good news is that you are not out of luck; you can reopen your case to amend any mistakes or omissions you made when initially filing.

One of the most common reasons people reopen their Arizona bankruptcy case is if they have forgotten to list one of their creditors, thereby preventing any bankruptcy protection should that creditor attempt to collect on the debt owed. This would also mean that your debt to that particular creditor would not be discharged. By reopening your case and listing this additional creditor, you will be protected from any collection actions taken.

Failing to list certain income or assets is also something you will need to address by reopening your case. Honesty is always the best policy in a bankruptcy case, and having your schedule as accurate as possible is a smart move when dealing with bankruptcy courts.

Reopening a closed or dismissed bankruptcy case is a fairly simple process, but you will want to make sure that once your case is reopened, the actions you take are efficient and quick. You will file a motion with the court that states why you need to open the case, and what steps you will take when it is opened. Once the case is opened, do not waste any time in making the necessary amendments to your bankruptcy schedule.

Seek Experienced Help for Reopening Your Phoenix Bankruptcy Case

If you have failed to include important information on your bankruptcy petition, you will need to take swift action to reopen the case and fix any mistakes. An experienced lawyer can quickly gather the documents and facts that you will need, and assist in your motion to get the case reopened. If you are worried that you may have filed incorrectly, there is no need to do the guesswork—call the Phoenix and Scottsdale bankruptcy attorneys at Curry, Pearson & Wooten today at 602-258-1000 to discuss your options with a lawyer now.