Top 10 Mistakes Spouses Make When Getting a Divorce

Top 10 Mistakes Couples Make

Are you preparing for or in the midst of a divorce? Here are some mistakes to avoid:

1. Becoming a Financial Victim: If you believe your spouse is planning a divorce, gather as much financial information as you can. Obtain copies of important financial records such as account statements for checking/savings, brokerage, retirement, and credit accounts.


2. Taking Legal Advice from Anyone: No two divorces are the same and the best source for advice for your specific set of facts is an attorney.


3. Not Considering Mediation or Other Alternative Dispute Resolution: If you and your spouse can work together to reach a fair settlement consider mediation.


4. Speaking Poorly about the Other Parent in Front of the Children: Disrespecting the other parent in front of the children creates confusion, guilt, sadness, insecurity, anger, and often depression.


5. Hiring a Combative Lawyer to Punish Your Spouse: Not only will a combative lawyer amplify the emotional aspect of the divorce but it will cost you more too – a combative attorney usually means increased billable hours.


6. Becoming Emotionally Attached to Replaceable Items: Unless the items are inherited from a relative or unable to be replaced, you will spend more money in attorney’s fees arguing over a $30.00 desk than buying a new one down the road.


7. Not Planning for Life after Divorce: If you’re going through a divorce, you need to consider your future financial situation when considering your positions.


8. Forgetting to Co-Parent: It is imperative for the children’s development and health to see two parents who continue to love and support them.


9. Understanding Divorce is a Business Transaction: Divorce turns marriage into a business transaction. It is best not to get emotionally invested into replaceable items or overreact to positions.


10. Not Using Your Lawyer: While it is fine to discuss and settle smaller issues between parents, like exchange times for the children, not everything should be discussed without insight from your lawyer.