Are Arizona Divorces Contagious?

Posted on Apr 27, 2011
Are Arizona divorces contagious? According to James Fowler of University of California, San Diego, Nicholas Christakis of Harvard University, and Rose McDermott of Brown University, divorces might be contagious.

Their research found that when close friends split-up, the odds of a divorce increase by 75 percent. Also, people with friends in their larger social circles who have been divorced are 147 percent more likely to get a divorce than those who have friends in their circles still married.

Their research also suggests that people with divorced siblings are 22 percent more likely to get a divorce. In addition, people who work for small companies with divorced co-workers have a 22 percent increased chance of going through a divorce.

As a result, the researchers coined the term "divorce clustering" to describe this phenomenon. They also suggest that divorce in our culture can be compared to the flu, which can be easily transmitted from one person to another.

When couples in a person's social circles get a divorce, and if they are unhappily married, it can lead to a "Well, if they can do it, so can I," attitude.

Seeing divorce in their social circles can also leave people with a sense of loss when they start comparing their own marriages to those around them that were thought to be successful.

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