Arizona DPS and ADOT Unveil New Partnership

Posted on Oct 31, 2014

An exciting program aimed at improving safety on Phoenix freeways has been in the works for three years, and over the last two months has slowly been unfolded.


The Maricopa Association of Governments (MAG) and Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) announced on October 29th that an Arizona Department of Public Safety officer has been working closely with ADOT’s Traffic Operations Center to help monitor freeway traffic incidents.


This partnership allows DPS and ADOT to work together to tackle Arizona’s mounting freeway problems. Currently, when an incident occurs on a Valley freeway, both groups worked independently to respond to the accident, clear the scene, and redirect traffic. The longer response times increased delays as well as the odds of secondary crashes, compound the problem further.


With the new partnership, a DPS officer is able to constantly monitor ADOT’s network of 200 freeway cameras, and can make swift decisions regarding accident response. The most recent MAG analysis of the new partnership found that involving DPS in traffic incident responses could see a 33% drop in traffic delays following a serious crash.


Officials hope that this partnership can bridge the gap between accident response and preventing accidents altogether. In light of the Valley’s overwhelming wrong-way accident issue on freeways, this new system can allow a quicker, more coordinated response to stop the car before it has a chance to injure other drivers.


The Arizona auto accident injury attorneys at Curry, Pearson & Wooten are looking forward to the safety improvements that will be made as result of these two agencies working together.