Arizona Medical Marijuana Ruling to Allow Dispensaries

Posted on Feb 07, 2012
On Wednesday, January 18, 2012, a new ruling out of Maricopa County Superior Court means that the state of Arizona will need to actually allow medical marijuana dispensaries. The medical marijuana law had previously been voted in by state residents, but there have been many obstacles to actual implementation, and dispensaries have largely been unable to operate. The new ruling will mean that some of the restrictions placed on those who intend to open a medical marijuana dispensary will be overturned.

Although medical marijuana has been approved by Arizona voters, Governor Jan Brewer has been opposed to actually implementing parts of the law over concerns about state employees and conflicting federal laws. Judge Richard Gama, who is responsible for the new ruling, essentially said that voters had voted for the law, and that the state had little say when it comes to implementing it.

New medical marijuana dispensaries could be open by this summer; however, there is still a chance of appeal or other complications in the meantime. Many Arizona residents already have or have applied for medical marijuana cards. It is difficult, at this point, to predict which changes will actually go into effect, and how long it will take to come to an agreement.

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