Arizona Supreme Court Ruling Has Impact on Arizona Crime Suspect

Posted on May 29, 2011
A recent decision by the Arizona Supreme Court will affect the hearings for a man charged in an Arizona crime. William Craig Miller has been charged in the murders of five people that occurred in Mesa on February 21, 2006, resulting from an alleged attempt to cover up an arson-insurance fraud crime.

According to prosecutor Juan Martinez, five people were shot and killed by Mr. Miller after two of the victims helped police obtain evidence that he burnt his own house as part of an insurance scam. Judge Janet Barton is determining whether or not Mr. Miller qualifies for the death penalty for his alleged involvement in the murders.

The Arizona Supreme Court recently ruled that state constitutional rights for crime victims to be present at criminal proceedings do not include the right to attend purely procedural hearings. The ruling comes as a direct result of Mr. Miller's case.

The ruling has determined that the relatives of two of the victims do not have the right to attend a pre-trial hearing involving summonses. The ruling is in part due to the fact that the defendant himself does not have the right to attend the hearing.

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