ASU Police on the Lookout for Tempe DUIs

Posted on Sep 22, 2011
As students return to Arizona State University's campus this fall, ASU's police have stepped up enforcement activity for campus alcohol violation and Tempe DUIs. The Arizona State University Police will be launching an awareness campaign along with increased enforcement on campus.

Arizona DUI laws can be harsh, and both in-state and out-of-state students need to be aware of the penalties and how these laws work. A student could face felony charges for a Tempe DUI, depending on his or her circumstances, along with stiff fines and license suspension. A student convicted of an underage DUI in Tempe could face a long license suspension and other penalties, even if his or her blood alcohol content was less than the legal limit of .08.

ASU police say that enforcement will be heaviest on the first few Friday, Saturday, and Sunday evenings. Although jaywalking and bicycle violations will receive a warning in these first few weeks, do not expect alcohol violations to be excused. Underage drinking and DUIs in Tempe will be strictly enforced.

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