Bo Jackson and Arizona Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Drama

Posted on Sep 08, 2014

Former pro-athlete Bo Jackson—a double threat in both the NFL and MLB—is currently tangled up in a bankruptcy controversy with his former business partner in Scottsdale, Arizona.


Jackson, after his career with the baseball team that is now known as the Anaheim Angels, partnered up with Valerie LittleChief to start N’Genuity Enterprises, a meat packaging business based in Scottsdale. The business took off, selling bulk meat products to the military, casinos, and large food service companies. LittleChief’s status in the Kiowa Tribe allowed the Small Business Administration to classify N’Genuity as a Native American-owned business, which gave the company a leg-up in obtaining important government contracts.


In 2009, however, 49%-shareholder Jackson sued N’Genuity and LittleChief (among others), claiming that she was attempting to dilute his ownership in the company, as well as accusing her of siphoning profits. This was just the first of several lawsuits he has filed against LittleChief, the latest being an attempt to block N’Genuity’s petition to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Arizona.


Jackson’s legal team has argued that the bankruptcy petition is simply a strategic move to avoid paying him several-hundred thousand dollars in legal judgments, while N’Genuity claims that the incessant lawsuits from Jackson have pushed them into bankruptcy. Jackson and his team of attorneys have warned that more suits are to follow.


The Phoenix bankruptcy law firm of Curry, Pearson & Wooten will continue to follow the legal battle between N’Genuity and Jackson, and look forward to seeing a resolution in the future.

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