Could Your Child's Weight Figure in Your Scottsdale Divorce?

Posted on Nov 12, 2011
An interesting article, which was recently published in the United Kingdom, points out that many parents in the US are using childhood obesity as evidence that a parent is "unfit" during divorce proceedings. The reasoning is that a parent who allows a child to eat poorly and avoid exercise is opening the child to risks such as diabetes and bullying.

Many Arizona family law attorneys have seen this complaint crop up in recent years, and one Arizona family lawyer explained that, "typically, one parent is accusing the other of putting a child at risk of developing diabetes or heart disease - or saying that the child is miserable because he's getting made fun of at school." Some have likened it to the debate over a child's safety and well-being with a parent who smokes.

Experts on the subject say that accusing the other parent of allowing childhood obesity is not likely to work all the time, and that it would probably only be appropriate in extremely severe cases. Some people speculate that it may be going too far to find something wrong with the other parent, and that the courts could take that stretch to blame the other parent into account when making child custody decisions.

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