Craigslist CEO Receives Letter from Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Posted on Apr 13, 2011
Two men were arrested in Arizona for allegedly soliciting sex with animals on Craigslist. The arrests led to Sheriff Joe Arpaio sending Craigslist's CEO Jim Buckmaster a letter in connection to the alleged Arizona crime.

Last month, a Valley elementary school teacher and a handyman were arrested by sheriff's detectives on charges to commit bestiality. The arrests were a result of an undercover investigation that was prompted when investigators learned that the two suspects were using the popular website to engage in illegal sex acts.

Sheriff Joe indicated in a news release that Craigslist provides a "mechanism" that helps facilitate criminal activity.

"While Craigslist may not be committing a criminal act, you are undoubtedly providing a mechanism to facilitate obvious criminal activity," said Sheriff Arpaio in his letter to Mr. Buckmaster.

The Maricopa County Sheriff is hoping that Mr. Buckmaster and his company takes the advice seriously. "It is sad people would utilize technology to take advantage of animals like this," said Sheriff Joe.

The sting operation was set-up through computer communications. The two male suspects believed that they were meeting the owners of dogs with the intent to have sex with the dogs at a local hotel. The two men were arrested at the hotel.

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