Gilbert Medical Marijuana Arrests Made, Despite Valid Cards

Posted on Sep 06, 2011
There have been multiple arrests made in Gilbert recently for Arizona drug possession and paraphernalia. Although many of these arrests involved valid medical marijuana cardholders, officials with the Gilbert Police Department say they're not targeting medical marijuana users. Some of these Gilbert marijuana charges came with charges for other crimes. Additionally, officials say there is some confusion among medical marijuana users regarding what is and is not a drug offense in Arizona under the Medical Marijuana Act.

In fact, the state has yet to license a single dispensary. Sgt. Bill Balafas explained, "If someone is a cardholder and has marijuana, the law says that's OK right now. The question then becomes: How did they come across it?"

Of the arrests made, many were related to medical marijuana dispensaries or other sales. Police seized plants, drugs, and money from valid prescription cardholders in several cases. Confusion about the medical marijuana laws in Gilbert leaves quite a bit of "gray area," such as what to do with marijuana cardholders who are driving, or if it is permitted to use medical marijuana at a dispensary.

Despite the confusion, Arizona officials say they are aware of the Medical Marijuana Act and what it permits. Sgt. Balafas says that it's difficult to know if someone has a valid card, but "if someone has a valid card and has less than 2.5 ounces and is acting within the law, we have to respect that right."

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