Have Arizona Prisoners Been Denied Medical Care?

Posted on Jan 03, 2012

The Arizona Department of Corrections could be facing a lawsuit after allegations were made that prisoners have not been receiving necessary medical care. The allegations come from a national legal-advocacy group, which has stated that the problem is systemic in our prison system.

Much of the problem seems to be related to medical or mental health care that comes too late. Many prisoners have stories about needing care and being denied care for so long that they experience extreme consequences. For example, one diabetic prisoner relayed that he was denied insulin for several months and ended up going blind in one eye from complications. Another prisoner relates that he had to wait 7 months to have a cancerous growth removed from his lip, and, by that time, the growth had progressed to the point that he had to have most of his mouth removed.

And there just doesn't seem to be an end to these kinds of stories. Other prisoners tell stories about needing serious amputations that could have been prevented with prompt medical care, or they ended up with advanced cancer. Many of these types of complications become permanent or permanently disfiguring.

Officials say that they have been unable to find evidence of any systemic problems relating to prisoner medical care, but they do say that privatization plans and budget cuts have made it difficult to get access to medical staff for prisons. Officials agreed that there have been problems, but they say that those were individual cases that do not point to a wider problem.

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