Kardashian and Humphries at Odds over Videotaping Divorce Deposition

Posted on May 19, 2012

There has been another hitch in the already troubled divorce proceedings between Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries. Humphries has asked that Kardashian’s deposition be recorded, but Kardashian and her lawyer Laura Wasser are planning to fight the request. 

While recording depositions in divorce proceedings is generally considered to be routine, Kardashian’s high-profile celebrity status is at the core of the fight. Wasser has expressed concern that a videotaped deposition could be leaked before Kardashian and Humphries go to court for the divorce. Wasser is likely to file with the court to have a judge review the requests from both sides regarding this issue. 

Depositions in divorce proceedings are often videotaped so that they can later be used as evidence during the trial. This is most likely to come up if a witness becomes unavailable for some reason. Wasser has argued in this case that the recording of the deposition is unnecessary, but that it carries a high risk of falling into the hands of the media. Humphries’ lawyer has countered that any video in the case would be locked in a safe until it’s time to go to court. 

Humphries’ camp has said that they will continue to fight for the recording of the deposition and have no intention of letting it go unless Kardashian apologizes for the marriage. 

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